FromKeyedServices returns null when used in primary constructors

TLDR; this is no longer the case. See this working example.

using FromKeyed;
using FromKeyed.Interfaces;
using FromKeyed.Services;

var builder = Host.CreateApplicationBuilder(args);

builder.Services.AddKeyedSingleton<IService, OneKeyedService>("keyed");
builder.Services.AddSingleton<IService, Service>();

var host = builder.Build();
host.Run();Code language: C# (cs)
namespace FromKeyed.Interfaces;

public interface IService
    string Name { get; }
}Code language: C# (cs)
using FromKeyed.Interfaces;

namespace FromKeyed.Services;

public class Service : IService
    public string Name => nameof(Service);

public class OneKeyedService : IService
    public string Name => nameof(OneKeyedService);
}Code language: C# (cs)
using FromKeyed.Interfaces;

namespace FromKeyed;

public class Worker(
    [FromKeyedServices("keyed")] IService keyedService,
    IService service,
    ILogger<Worker> logger) : BackgroundService
    protected override async Task ExecuteAsync(CancellationToken stoppingToken)
        while (!stoppingToken.IsCancellationRequested)
            logger.LogInformation("keyedService says {KeyedService}, service says {Service}", keyedService.Name, service.Name);
            await Task.Delay(1000, stoppingToken);
Code language: C# (cs)

Gives the following output

~/Projects/FromKeyed » dotnet run                                  blomqvist@Niklas-MBP
info: FromKeyed.Worker[0]
      keyedService says KeyedService, service says ServiceCode language: Shell Session (shell)

Obsolete post below

Today I discovered that, when using NET 8 and a service with primary constructor, the FromKeyedServicesAttribute does nothing (I assume). Perhaps the attribute is magically removed when the code is compiled.

I guess that

public class PaymentService(
    IPaymentProvider defaultPaymentProvider
    ) : IPaymentService
{ }Code language: C# (cs)

is changed to

public class PaymentService : IPaymentService
   public PaymentService(IPaymentProvider defaultPaymentProvider) 
   { }
}Code language: C# (cs)

on compile (note the missing attribute!)

Changing from primary constructor to an ordinary constructor with no other change made the code work as intended.